Can be supplied using the local gas pipeline with a diameter of 100-200 mm or the main gas pipeline “Stavropol-Moscow II” with a diameter of 800 mm and pressure of 25 atm.
Can be supplied using Moscow United Electric Grid Company (MOESK) PS No. 617 110/10/6 kV Syrovo (PS-110 kV “Syrovo”) and PS No. 182 110/10/6 kV Gulevo (PS-182 “Gulevo”) networks. Reserve power is 161 MVA.
Can be supplied using the existing water-intake facilities of the Podolsk city directly adjoining the land plots. Flow rate (diameter is 130 mm) – 50 m3/h.
Can be disposed using the existing sewage treatment plants of the Podolsk city located 800 meters from the plot boundaries.
M2 Federal Highway “Crimea” (Simferopol Highway), M4 “Don” (Warsaw Highway).
The land plot adjoins the easement area of the “Podolsk-Moscow” Regional Highway (Domodedovo Highway), which gives access to the M4 “Don” Highway and Domodedovo Airport, Warsaw Highway and Podolsk city.