To the West – M2 "Crimea" Highway (Simferopol Highway). The M2 federal highway “Crimea”, first class, 10 lanes. Traffic capacity is 5,000 vehicles per hour.

To the NorthPodolsk-Domodedovo Highway. Podolsk-Domodedovo first class highway (Domodedovo Highway, 6 lanes once the road expansion works are completed). Approximate date of completion of Domodedovo Highway expansion works is the year – 2018.

To the East – local road.

To the South – parking lot, local road.

* The 12.2 ha land plot classified as agricultural land is included in the to-be expansion corridor of the Domodedovo Highway. Once it completed, the land plot will become a part of the roadside of the highway that will allow the building of motorway service facilities, the installation of advertising structures and signs (subject to approval by Mosavtodor).